Sunday Nature and Photography Hike Meet UP

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January 15 | 8:30am

Meet-up for a Hike and Nature Photography

Who should join.. Those that love to hike and love outdoor photography, and those that want to meet other nature photography enthusiast!

Whether you are a beginner photographer or advanced photographer…it’s open to any skill level.

I started this to “Join the Goal”…. get outdoors, get motivated, get healthy and snap some photos!

This Hike we will be at Conner Preserve… information and trail map at the link below

 conner-preserveTaking the time to enjoy the areas and photograph wildlife and nature.

THERE IS NO RUSH on these Hike & Photograph Meet-Ups. It takes time to capture that great photo!

*Please dress accordingly for hiking. Wear comfortable shoes!!!

*Please supply your own water | bug spray | snacks | first aid kit | other necessities

*Stay on the trails

*Respect Wildlife and Nature
*Respectful of other photographers… we all use different cameras and techniques… let’s just enjoy the company

*Leave no Trace

*Understand that you are entering these locations at your own risk

*Phone Charged
*Camera Battery Charged and extra Cards

*Know your limit and know your time… 2 miles to 20 miles.. An hour or six hours.

Conner’s Preserve is 17 miles of hiking-only trails… you do not have to walk the entire trail… stop, rest when you need to.  We are here to take our time and photograph.

*You are free to venture out on your own, but remember entering these public recreation areas you are entering at your own risk.

Be smart and please be aware of your surroundings while hiking in any area, getting that picture isn’t worth you getting hurt!

“Join the Goal”…. get outdoors, get motivated, get healthy and snap some photos!


How much does this cost?

Nothing.. These locations are open to the public and free to visit. (however some locations do require a daily fee) Sometimes there are those that want to go out and photograph but friends or family have other obligations. This gives them the opportunity to go out and photograph without being alone. .

What are the parking options?

For this location

Parking entrance is off of State Road 52

(22500 SR 52 Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637)

Some locations do require a daily fee… so have a couple of bucks on hand.

What can I bring into the event?

Bring you camera of course… And all the lenses you can carry comfortably.

Water | Bug Spray | First Aid | Snacks | Cell Phone | Tripod or MonoPod | Backpack | Sunscreen | Hat … what you feel you need to bring.

Bring your wife, husband (I am bringing mine) , kids, friends….

What do I wear?

Dress for the weather.. wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring a hat!

What do I need to do?

Just show up…. you can print a ticket to verify your attendance..

We will meet at the gate @ 8:30am and start left on the trail.

If we are unable to make this date we will post here:

This event may by updated prior to meet up…

**Entering these public recreation areas you are entering at your own risk. You are aware of possible dangers and hazards that you may or may not encounter.

What we may encounter.. Ticks, Spiders, Snakes, Mosquitos.. just to let you know.. so be prepared.


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