Learn how to give your photos a boost!

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Basic Photoshop for Photography: Register free for this $15 workshop

· Basic Photoshop Tools

o Setting the Photoshop tool bar for your needs

· Cropping your photo

o Cropping for composition

· Image Adjustments (layers)

o Exposure to HDR

· Filters

o Sharpening

o Camera Raw Filter

o Filter Gallery

· Actions

o Enhance your photos with an easy one click action preset!

This workshop is for those who are beginning in Photoshop. Participants will learn a few basic Photoshop tools, analyzing photos for editing as well as preview some other editing options in Photoshop.


Software Requirements

· Adobe Photoshop


· Camera

· Laptop

· Notepad

Snacks and Water will be available for you.

You can also Register free for this $15 workshop at the following FWC Website http://myfwc.com/chinsegut/ * payment required before workshop begins.

This is workshop has a limit of only 4 participants.

For updates follow us on WordPress: https://creativenaturephotographyworkshops.com/or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeNaturePhotographyWorkshops/

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