Last Workshop in February!

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Insect/Bug Photography

Insect Photography is not only just photographing critters but also learning about their behavior, habitat, means of survival and their incredible metamorphosis!

Florida Ivory Millipede

It’s a long and patient process to capture living creatures in their natural environment, but with enough patience you can capture some amazing photos.

To inspire you check out these websites: or

For this workshop we will venture out on the trails looking for spiders, grasshoppers, beetles and much more… so grab your macro lens, put on your hiking boots and let’s go explore Chinsegut Conservation Center in search of critters that crawl, climb or jump!

Those that would be interested in insect identification review of their photos and learn more about the study of entomology and how it plays an important role in conservation are welcome to stay.

What to bring: Camera, Notepad, Blanket, monopod or tripod (optional)

You can also Register free for this $10 workshop at the following FWC Website * payment required before workshop begins.

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