Rings of Chinsegut | Tuesday Workshop

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Rings of Chinsegut | Tuesday Workshop | $10



Pine and Oaks are common here and now the process of restoring the property back to its original state, cutting trees are a part of that process.

As a creative photographer this is a great opportunity to explore a photographic design and story.

Each cut down tree limb or stump is a creative opportunity to see deep into the lives of what these trees have been through during their growth.

Understanding how to read the rings of a tree will give you that story and determine the outcome of your photo.  

We will be shooting in Monochrome and learning about how to set up your details in the picture style options:

Sharpness | Contrast | Filter Effect | Toning Effect

Composition, setting a focus point to achieve an artistic style photograph and learning to caption and describe your photos for your viewers to understand and relate to your vision is another area we will be reviewing.

Follow us on CreativeNaturePhotographyWorkshops.com for updates and other workshops!

Any questions, please feel free to contact Alice @ 352-232-6092 or Email: alice@green-flymedia.com

Rings of Chinsegut | Tuesday Workshop | $10


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