Amazing Workshops

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Sunday & Tuesday were amazing workshops!

Sunday: Basic Photography II
Thank you Lena, Linda and Betty for a intense workshop!

Linda _ Saturation
Changing saturation in Picture Style. Photo by Linda Morehouse

Tuesday: The Art of Bokeh
Thank you: Tammy, Betty, Linda, Skye, Tery and Donna who drove all the way from Indian River County for this workshop!

This was a fun workshop! Focusing on the background and seeing the behind the focused subject to accomplish that Bokeh effect.

Betty Kolar.. bokeh
Art of Bokeh.. Photo by Betty Kolar

Don’t forget to send us your photos!    


Next workshop…

os. photoFor those that want to step out of the box and dive into a creative and unique style of photography this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, a bone is not just a bone. It can tell a story, give understanding about the subject’s habitat and environment and sometimes the cause of death.

We will see things differently in this workshop.. we will step into photographing texture, features, design and point of interest. Register here: Osteology Photography

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