June is Outdoors Month

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June is Outdoors Month

School is out and summer is blooming with nature and wildlife!

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Creative Nature Photography Workshops

These workshops are presented to bring creative ways for you to photograph. We show you how to utilize your camera for many, many purposes, such as combining photography with Photoshop to create postcards to amazing art. Each workshop we learn new camera techniques as well as brushing up on the basic.

Check out some of the workshops lined up for June.

Sat Jun 3 | 10am -1pm | $10
Beginning Photography for Teens

  • This workshop is geared for those beginning in photography aged 13-19.
  • It’s summer and that means Family Vacation! Teens you want to take some awesome photographs during your vacation that your parents will hang on the wall. This workshop is geared for teens to understand simple basic settings, as well as seeing nature as differently. This three hour workshop will help you understand those settings for outdoor photography and we will also touch base on photographing portraits to get the best scenic shots of your family.
  • registration

Sun Jun 4 | 10am -1pm | $15
Photoshop for Photography – Photoshop

  • Photoshop is a popular and widely used by photographers. This workshop is our second workshop for Photoshop. Participants will learn about layers, actions, brushes and adding text to their photos to create a unique and more personal photo.
  • registration
  • Gate will only be opened to those that are registered.

Tue Jun 6 | 10am -1pm | $15
Photoshop for Photography | Creating Nature Overlays – Photography & Photoshop

  • You have accomplished a lot in your photography and want to add more to just a photo, bring a creative and different appeal to your viewers. This workshop we will not only discover how nature be an effective tool to accomplish that appeal, but use blending modes and filters to bring a new dimension in your photography.
  • registration

Sun Jun 11 | 10am -1pm | $15
Nature Art Project: Flower Power – Photography & Photoshop

  • Flowers are nature colors. Even the tiniest flower brings a vibrant power of emotion to nature and this workshop we will explore that power through a variety of creative opportunities. Participants will choose a flower to photograph and learn how to create brushes, work with layers and filters to inspire their own flower power piece of art.
  • registration
  • Gate will only be opened to those that are registered

Tue Jun 13 | 10am -1pm | $10
Flower Water Drops – Photography

  • Nothing is more creative than seeing nature through water. Water brings a sense of purity and wonderment and this workshop is not just photographing water drops on petals and leaves but also learning about freezing that water action. For this three hour workshop participants will learn all about shutter speed and depth of field.
  • * registration will be open soon

Thu Jun 15 | Beginning at 7:30am | Free
National Nature Photography Day | Hike at one of the Chinsegut Wildlife Management Areas

  • On this day nature photographers of all levels will join to celebrate Nature through the lens and show our appreciation to those that continue to make these properties enjoyable for the public. Join Nature photographer Alice Mary Herden for a guided hike to explore the wonders of nature at two Chinsegut Wildlife Management Areas, Big Pine and May’s Prairie. Starting the early morning off at 7:30am we will hike along the Longleaf loop (1.2 miles) at Big Pine Tract. Those that would like to meet up later at 10:30am to hike the Nature Center Loop (1.8 miles) and cut across the prairie to the cypress boardwalk for photographers to take amazing landscape photos of May’s Prairie. Photographers may have a chance to photographer birds such as sand hill cranes, ibis and herons flying across the basin. This is a free event and participants must register. Donations to the center are very much appreciated.
  • * registration

Sun Jun 18 | 10am -1pm | $15
Nature Kids | Father’s Day Walking Stick – Arts and Crafts

  • Kids grab your Dad for this super cool Father’s Day project at Chinsegut Conservation Center. Join us Sunday June 18th to help your dad create their very own nature walking stick. You can paint it in different colors; add nature and wildlife inspired charms, earth-toned beads, feathers and much more. Treasure this time with your dad to create something together that will last for a life time.
  • * registration will be open soon
  • Gate will only be opened to those that are registered

Tue Jun 20 | 10am -1pm | $10
Bubble Photography – Photography

  • Bubbles and more bubbles… photographing nature with bubbles is a fun creative photography project. This can be a challenging photo project trying to capture the right angle when shooting your subject through bubbles floating in the air, but the results are amazing. We will go over basic camera settings and learn about exposure compensation as well as shutter speed.
  • * registration will be open soon

Sun Jun 25 | 10am – 1pm | $15
Nature Art Project: | Creating a Vintage Nature Postcard – Photography & Photoshop

  • Ever wanted to create your own post cards to send to your family and friends, then this is the workshop for you. Participants will learn to create a postcard from start to finish. First, venturing into the butterfly garden to take photos, then downloading and selecting their favorite photos to create their postcard. The second step is importing photos into Photoshop. At this time you will learn about layers, text, blending modes, and other tools to create this vintage style nature postcard.
  • registration
  • Gate will only be opened to those that are registered

Tue Jun 27 | 10am – 1pm | $10
Miniature Woodland Photography
(Mushrooms) – Photography

  • May’s Prairie is filled with Summer Woodland creatures, from adorable gnomes to beautiful fairies! This fun three hour nature photography workshop includes your choice of a miniature woodland character. This photography adventure will teach you about depth of field and rules of third as well as outdoor photography settings that will enhance you photos in those shaded areas. Participants will take their selected woodland character deep into May’s Prairie, with lots of resurrection ferns, old oak trees, mushrooms and vibrant green moss that will bring life into your woodland character photos.
  • registration

Fri Jun 30 | Starting at 8pm *$20 additional $10 for the Stars
Night Photography – Photography

  • Starting at sundown this is a night of adventure at Chinsegut Conservation Center! Those that love nature at night can have the opportunity to learn how to photograph when the sun goes down. Participates can learn about silhouette photography, how to photograph and create light writing photos and shooting stars for long exposure and learning the method of stacking. This workshop begins at 8pm and may continue after midnight.
  • * registration will be open soon

Do you have a Nature Photography workshop request, did you miss a workshop and would like it offered again, or would you like a personal photography training workshop? Just email Alice at alice@green-flymedia.com!

Creative Nature Photography Workshops provided by Alice Mary Herden | Green-Fly Media


Workshops are located at Chinsegut Conservation Center, 23212 Lake Lindsey Road, Brooksville, FL 34601

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