Photoshop for Photography | Creating Nature Overlays

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Tuesday’s  June 6, Photoshop for Photography workshop participants will learn how to create nature overlays.

traveling for nature

Photography has trends and what’s trending is photo/texture overlays. Overlays are photos layers over the original photo to create an effect. Effects that can make your photo look vintage, retro, film, burned, aged or have a grunge look!

Join this three-hour workshop to learn what type of photos to take to create these effects and turn your photos into a creative work of art!

Tue Jun 6 | 10am – 1pm |$15


Bring Camera, Laptop with Photoshop installed (optional)

Those that do not have Photoshop can still use this same process with limited options.

Follow us on for updates and other workshops!

Any questions, please feel free to contact Alice @ 352-232-6092 or Email:

—Information about this workshop maybe updated prior to workshop date.

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