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We learned so much in Photoshop today! Reviewed Tools, Menu, Layers, Character, adding text, layer adjustments, cropping, resizing photos, blending modes….etc!

Participants took photos of flowers to use as their base layer, then selecting from a variety of slide photos from 1970’s to use as their overlay photos. And below is their results.

This opens just another new creative direction with photography. Learning new techniques creates inspiration and motivation.

Thank you Dave, Gabriel, Sue and Linda for an awesome workshop!

Next week’s workshops:


Nature Art Project | Flower Power Notecard

11 June 2017 | Free and up

Nature Art Projects | Flower Power You have all these great photos just stored away and wonder what you could do with them? Join us for our Nature Art Projects and we will show you how to create some really…

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Flower Water Drops – Photography

13 June 2017 | Free and up

Nothing is more creative than seeing nature through water. Water brings a sense of purity and wonderment and this workshop is not just photographing water drops on petals and leaves but also learning about freezing that water action. For this…

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National Nature Photography Day | Photography

15 June 2017 | Free

Thu Jun 15 | Beginning at 7:30am | Free National Nature Photography Day | Photography On this day nature photographers of all levels will join to celebrate Nature through the lens and show our appreciation to those that continue to…

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