Marbling Oil Homework!

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The homework project was to take a photo of their paper and apply filters in Photoshop.

Marbling Oil Photo by Linda Morehouse
Marbling Oil Photo by Linda Morehouse


Marbling Oil Photo by Carol Moon
Marbling Oil Photo by Carol Moon

Thank you Carol!

This workshop was designed to take photography further into a new creative process by combining photography and Photoshop: Digital mixed media.

Upcoming workshop

Jul 18 Tue


Photography | Insect Photography

July 18, 2017 | $10

Back by popular demand…Insect Photography!!!!!! Yes… this nature photography workshop is one of the most favored from our participants.   This workshop we will be learning about depth of field, framing and focus points as well as some of the…Read More

Jul 23 Sun


Photography | Intro into Lightroom

July 23, 2017 | $15

This is a basic introduction workshop into Photoshop Lightroom This workshop goes over The Lightroom Workspace How to’s            o    Import photos            o    Using the Quick Development            o    Exporting Photos   Sunday | July 23 | 10am…Read More

Jul 25 Tue


Photography | The Crow & Black and White

July 25, 2017 | $10

Crows play an important role in our environment: Crows can eat up to 40,000 grubs and other insects in a single nesting season. They are also considered good environmental citizens because they transport and store seeds which contribute to forest renewal. Crows,…Read More

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