Fall Exhibit | October 1

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Fall Exhibit update!!!!!!!!

You do not have to have a black mat frame… you can print up to 8 x 11 or 8 x 14 photo prints with or without border.



2017 Fall Nature Photography Exhibit | Small World- Arthropoda….

Photography subject must one or more of the following Arthropoda


·         Beetles

·         Flies

·         Ants, Bees, Wasps

·         Moths, Butterflies

·         Dragonflies

·         Grasshoppers

·         Spiders

​In the United States, the number of described species is approximately 91,000. The undescribed species of insects in the United States, however, is estimated at some 73,000. The largest numbers of described species in the U.S. fall into four insect Orders: Coleoptera (beetles) at 23,700, Diptera (flies) at 19,600, Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps) at 17,500, and Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) at 11,500. [Smithsonian Information]

There are currently at least 4,000 known spider species in the United States and Canada combined!

Submission Fee:

·         $5 per photographer

                Must be paid by September 28, 2017

·         Payable at the center (Chinsegut Conservation Center)

·         PayPal links available at Green-FlyMedia.com…

                Events > Photographers Submissions> Scroll to the bottom of the post > Pay Submission Fee​


·         Any sizes up to 12 x 18

·         Color or Black and White​


·         Up to 5 or more submissions​


·         Cropping

·         Image Adjustments

Digital Mixed Media

·         Combining mixed media (Photoshop/Photography)

·         Presentation of Conservation or Artistic Photographic Vision


·         Black or White Mat Board Frame (optional)

·         Name and Phone # the back of photo

·         Name, Location and photographers name and subject Id on a blank business card (to be placed next to photo)

Example *    Great Horned Beetle | Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area

              *    Fred Willston | Weeki Wachee, Florida​

Photo Locations

Photos must be taken at the following locations within the Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental areas.. Big Pine Tract, Pines to Prairie Tract or the Nature Tract ​


·         Open to all ages​


Photos must be taken by the photographer and dropped off at Chinsegut Conservation Center by September 30, 2017.

Any questions feel free to contact Alice Mary Herden @ alice@green-flymedia.com or 352-232-6092

After the Exhibit you can pick up your photos Friday or Saturday 8am to 2pm at Chinsegut Conservation Center

Please register below and pay submission fee


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