Online Photography Challenge

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Wildlife Portrait…

!Wood stork
Wood Stork | Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Besides vultures.. Wood Storks are also one of my favorite birds.


This online photo challenge came to me when Canon posted a infograph:  Portrait photography is all about capturing someone’s personality…

So let’s take that concept and put it in what we love to photograph…


  • BE patient
    • Have a tripod or monopod
    • Give yourself TIME
  • BE observant
    • Watch your subjects movements and behavior
  • Frame your shot
    • Nice and tight
  • Set your focus points
    • Zoned or Single
  • Aperture
    • Start off with F8 and work up to F11
    • Find the background you like
    • Remember COLOR in your background
  • Watch for interactions with other subjects
    • Take more than one shot

Zoos are the best place to practice!

Have fun and post your pic on our Facebook page:

*please remember to resize your photos!




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