Heads Up, Earthlings! The Geminids Are Here

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Maybe you’ve already seen a bright meteor streak across the December sky? The annual Geminid meteor shower has arrived. It’s a good time to bundle up, go outside and let the universe blow your mind!

Source: Heads Up, Earthlings! The Geminids Are Here

According to the Clear Sky Chart.. its going to be beautiful clear night…


  • Wear warm clothing.. it’s going to be a cold one…
  • Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/photography-geminid-meteor-shower-over-the-basin-tickets-39684637820
  • Gate will be closed at 8pm sharp
  • If taking photos there is a tutorial on how to take long exposure star trails @ 7pm
  • We will be hiking… this is a rough terrain to May’s Prairie keep that in mind
  • Bring Camera, Camera Remote, Flash light, Tripod, Water, Snacks and a chair.
  • A $5 donation to the center would be very much appreciated..


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