The Weed Photo Project

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While there are not any workshops schedule for March… here’s a little project for you…


Weed… uniquely  beautiful

Weeds.. yes… those small little plants that everyone steps on, pulls out or mows over.


Weed 3-1.jpg
Weed | Alice Mary Herden

Have you ever really looked at them before? They are pretty darn cool and some are really unique!


Weed 2-1.jpg
Weed | Alice Mary Herden

THE WEED PHOTO PROJECT… grab your macro, grab a blanket and get low to the ground and take some eye level photos of these overlooked beauties. 

Share you picture, by commenting on this post or on our Facebook page:


Remember.. Before you kneel down or lay down your blanket… Look out for ants and other little insects!!!!




2 thoughts on “The Weed Photo Project

    Tristine Barry said:
    March 6, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    Alice, I aspire to create art like this. Thank you for helping us see nature in a totally different way.


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