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Beautiful Day Chassahowitzka

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It was such great day to be out surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Chassahowitzka WMA

Traveled miles surrounded by beautiful sandhill and wetlands and even hike a couple of new trails!

Stopping for a snack!
Taking a snack break at the Eagle Sink..
Hiking a new trail!

From the tiniest flowers to spotting a deer we ended the tour with an Eagle flying high above us…

Next Nature Photography Meet-up
 Wildlife Photography Exhibit Prep & Nature Photo Hike @ Chinsegut



A beautiful day to be creative!

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DIY Ladies Walking Stick at Chinsegut Conservation Center
DIY Ladies Walking Stick at Chinsegut Conservation Center

Excellent day today ladies.. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you all again for another workshop!


Nature Photography Meet-up | Chassahowitzka WMA

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Whether you are a beginning photographer or professional photographer who loves nature and wildlife… join us for the Meet-up @ Chassahowitzka WMA.

Chassahowitzka WMA is over 20,000 acres of wild landscape with a diversity of eco-systems which are home to many varieties of plant and wildlife species.

Sherman Fox Squirrel
Sherman Fox Squirrel

This event is just one of the photography meet-ups to encourage photographers get outdoors and photograph nature and wildlife for the upcoming photography exhibit on February 24 Chinsegut Wildlife Day at Chinsegut Conservation Center.

To register for this event: Nature Photography Meet-up | Chassahowitzka WMA

Information about the Photography Exhibit: Chinsegut Wildlife Photography Exhibit | Registration

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