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Something new is in the works… stay tuned!

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Seagulls and Sunsets

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R • A • W Photography Series | Seagulls and Sunsets

Love to photograph sunsets but not sure how to get that right setting… Join us for a beautiful early evening at Bayport Park for a photography workshop.

This 2 day four hour workshop will include interesting historical information about Bayport as well as learning about the coastal water habitat. Participants will learn how to photograph sunsets and shoot more comfortably in manual mode.


Seagulls | Alice Mary Herden
Seagull in flight | Alice Mary Herden


Day one: This is more a practice day… Review of shutter, aperture and iso settings and understanding exposure compensation, picture style settings and using shutter priority to photograph seagulls in flight and other photographic subjects.

Day two: meeting back at Bayport Park we will review photos and settings from the evening before. This workshop, photographers will learn different creative ways to photograph sunsets & seagulls.

Bring camera, tripod, bug spray, snack, water… there may include a short hike so please wear comfortable closed toed shoes.

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R • A • W Photography Series | Seagulls and Sunsets

Sat Oct 21 | 4pm – 8:30pm | & Sun Oct 22 | 4pm – 8:30pm | $50 Workshop
* This workshop has date options… please select when registering.

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Bats of Chassahowitzka

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In 2007, a 14 year old Boy Scout from Brooksville created an Eagle Scout Project to build and install bat houses in the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area. Thanks to him and the staff from CWMA these houses are home to hundreds of bats!

Bats of Chassahowitzka | Alice Mary Herden 

Three early mornings are dedicated to photograph these amazing creatures of the night.

There is a 15 minute window of good light when the bats are returning to their roost, and gives us ample time to snap hundreds of photos!

Before going to the location, we will discuss shooting in manual, using your on-camera flash and also depending on the clarity of the night sky.. practice taking photos of the stars.

After the bat adventure… we will be heading to the trails for photo hike!

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Online Photography Challenge

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Wildlife Portrait…

!Wood stork
Wood Stork | Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Besides vultures.. Wood Storks are also one of my favorite birds.


This online photo challenge came to me when Canon posted a infograph:  Portrait photography is all about capturing someone’s personality…

So let’s take that concept and put it in what we love to photograph…


  • BE patient
    • Have a tripod or monopod
    • Give yourself TIME
  • BE observant
    • Watch your subjects movements and behavior
  • Frame your shot
    • Nice and tight
  • Set your focus points
    • Zoned or Single
  • Aperture
    • Start off with F8 and work up to F11
    • Find the background you like
    • Remember COLOR in your background
  • Watch for interactions with other subjects
    • Take more than one shot

Zoos are the best place to practice!

Have fun and post your pic on our Facebook page:

*please remember to resize your photos!




R • A • W Photography Series | Exploring the Marsh

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I received an email yesterday from the Marina that they had cancelled our Friday (Oct 6, 2017) morning outing…

This event will be rescheduled at a later date..

Please follow us for any updates.

Thank you!

Exploring the Marsh 2