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Butterflies and Wildflowers Workshop

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What a great workshop today…

Thank you Connie, Charlene, Betty, Tammy, Bruce, Linda and Wanda.

This workshop we learned so much and experienced some fantastic and unexpected surprises!

Looking forward to seeing the groups photos!

Butterflies and Wildflowers
Great Surprise… checking out the caterpillars on the Hercules Club.. Butterfly Host Plant for the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
Butterflies and Wildflowers 3
Wild Lupine Flower

Wanda…Have a safe trip back to Ohio! Thank you so much for being a part of these workshops!

Creative Nature Photography Workshop Survey

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Please take a moment to take our survey. Your feedback is important to us.


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Butterflies and Wildflowers

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This time of the year, butterflies and wildflowers are appearing for the start of spring. Let’s take a guided hike throughout Chinsegut Conservation Center property and learn about wildflowers and which types of butterflies call Chinsegut home.

Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly 2


  • Participants learn how to photograph to get the best shots of Butterflies and Wildflowers.

  • Learn about basic camera modes for shooting close up

  • Learn how to create simple composition

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