Birding Photography!

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Super turnout for our Birding Photography Workshop! Thank you to Frank (the Real Frank), Lillian, Wanda, Betty, Tammy, Marion, Doris, Charlotte, Karen, Robert, Stomna, Mary and Susan!

Feature Profile Photo by Susan Sergi Barley

I have created a gallery where participates can upload their photos that they have taken during our workshop.
How to upload your photos:

Click on this link:

Click on Browse Computer > Locate your Bird Photos > Wait for uploading to complete > Click on the DONE button at the top right hand corner.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me..

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Meet-UP – January 29 | Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management 

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Meet-up for a Hike and Nature Photography

January 29 | Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management | 8:30am till 3pm

Who should join.. Those that love to hike and love outdoor photography, and those that want to meet other nature photography enthusiast! Sometimes there are those that want to go out and photograph but friends or family have other obligations. This gives them the opportunity to go out and photograph without being alone.

Whether you are a beginner photographer or advanced photographer…it’s open to any skill level.

I started this to “Join the Goal”…. get outdoors, get motivated, get healthy and snap some photos!

American Jacksonii Mushroom.jpg

Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management …

There is a Daily Use fee of $3 per person … Meet at the Gate at 8:30am

We will be driving, parking and hiking….


What do I need to bring?
Bring your camera of course…(cell phone is good too!) And all the lenses you can carry comfortably.
Water | Bug Spray | First Aid | Snacks | Cell Phone | Tripod or MonoPod | Backpack | Sunscreen | Hat … what you feel you need to bring.

Bring a lunch if you are preparing to do the full day. We can have a picnic.

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes and good supporting shoes like hiking boots

This is outdoors, you may experience ticks, bugs, snakes and other wildlife.. please be cautious and respect nature!

*Stay on the trails

*Respect Wildlife and Nature
*Respectful of other photographers… we all use different cameras and techniques… let’s just enjoy the company
*Leave no Trace

*Understand that you are entering these locations at your own risk

*Phone Charged
*Camera Battery Charged and extra Cards
*Know your limit and know your time… 2 miles to 20 miles.. An hour or six hours.

IMG_0001.JPGChassahowitzka has 8 miles long, self-guided driving tour, the trails…with many areas to park and hike!  We are here to take our time and photograph.

*You are free to venture out on your own, but remember entering these public recreation areas you are entering at your own risk.

Be smart and please be aware of your surroundings while hiking in any area, getting that picture isn’t worth you getting hurt!

Questions.. you can email me @ or text/message at 352-232-6092

Looking forward to this hike!

Alice Mary Herden

Hunting calendar

Beginners Birding Photography

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January 24 | Birding Photography | 10am – 1pm (2pm for Bird Poster)


At Chinsegut Conservation Center there are many birds that love this area… Woodpeckers, Warblers, Cardinals and so much more!

Chipping Sparrows | Alice Mary Herden

We will set out to staged areas as well as hiking around May’s Prairie to capture birds in action!

Registration is required!


Red-headed Woodpecker | Alice Mary Herden


Beginner Photographers will learn about using a telephoto lens, proper settings, what it takes to photograph wildlife in nature.

Those that wish to stay… can learn how to create a bird poster using their photos they took at the center!

Please bring your tripod!