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Our early morning Nature Photography Hikes are the best time to photograph the morning dew that reflects all of nature colors and can brings opportunities to take some amazing macro shots. Butterflies and other insects are just waking up and this presents the best chance to photograph them, while the birds are spreading their wings and the Sun is rising through the trees giving you the ability to capture those silhouette photos. These photography hikes are for those that wish to learn more about nature photography as well as learning creative ways to photograph nature.

Some of our photography hikes will include very special guests. These guests have years of education, experience and the love and respect for the outdoors.

Being a nature photographer is not only getting that great photograph but educating yourself about the surroundings. There a many varieties of trees, plants, animals and insects that make nature what it is, when you learn about these subjects, your photography takes on a whole different view and your photographs will have more meaning and depth.

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