Chinsegut PhotoBlitz

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Tomorrow is Chinsegut PhotoBlitz!

!Orchid Tree.jpg

So  many things to photograph!!!!

Be a part of the Florida Nature Trackers!

Grab your camera (any camera or phone camera) and let’s get to know nature on a photographic exploration. Join us Saturday March 10 for a day of surveying and cataloging nature and wildlife around Chinsegut WEA

Register: Chinsegut PhotoBlitz

PhotoBlitz Intro @ 8am (30 minutes)

  • ·         What is PhotoBlitz
  • ·         What is iNaturalist and why we need it
  • ·         What to photograph and how to take photos for this project

PhotoBlitz Teams @ 8:30 am – 11:30am (3 hours)

  • ·         Team Groups
  • ·         Team Projects
  • ·         Team Locations

PhotoBlitz Meet-up @ 11:30 – 12pm (30 minutes)

  • ·         Lunch Time
  • ·         Questions and Answers

From Trees to Insects… it’s going to be a great day outdoors!

Chinsegut Conservation Center
23212 Lake Lindsey Road
Brooksville, FL 34601
Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM 


The Weed Photo Project

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While there are not any workshops schedule for March… here’s a little project for you…


Weed… uniquely  beautiful

Weeds.. yes… those small little plants that everyone steps on, pulls out or mows over.


Weed 3-1.jpg
Weed | Alice Mary Herden

Have you ever really looked at them before? They are pretty darn cool and some are really unique!


Weed 2-1.jpg
Weed | Alice Mary Herden

THE WEED PHOTO PROJECT… grab your macro, grab a blanket and get low to the ground and take some eye level photos of these overlooked beauties. 

Share you picture, by commenting on this post or on our Facebook page:


Remember.. Before you kneel down or lay down your blanket… Look out for ants and other little insects!!!!




March 2018

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Hello friends…

Just a quick note…. there are no scheduled creative nature photography workshops in March…   In April 2018…Photography, Photoshop and Creative Nature workshops will resume! April workshops will be posted soon!


But please join us for Chinsegut PhotoBlitz on March 10th!!salt marsh moth -1

More information and to register for this free event

 Chinsegut PhotoBlitz


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